Best-Kept Boy in the World

So fascinating is this Denny creature! I recently moved to the historic Riverside area in Jacksonville and live close to Fouts childhood home and his fathers one time broom factory. I stumbled upon this information while researching the history of a house in close by Springfield that a friend is looking to purchase. Turns out that Copotes’ grandmother once owned it and helped raise a very young Truman there. At the time of this post still no book published, the mystery continues I suppose. Enjoy your blog immensely!

Strange Flowers

Denham Fouts

Denham Fouts died almost 65 years ago, but it is only now that his story is treated to the book-length study it richly deserves. The title and sub-title of Arthur Vanderbilt’s Best-Kept Boy in the World: The Life and Loves of Denny Fouts, Muse to Truman Capote, Gore Vidal and Christopher Isherwood already reveal the core enticements, the USPs – if you will – of Fouts’ story. It’s a story that until now has been told in rumour, hearsay and the fleeting, fictionalised encounters recorded by his literary friends. It was a story its subject never got round to, as Vanderbilt’s preface informs us:

It was a pity, Gore Vidal once remarked, that Denham Fouts never wrote a memoir. Vidal described Denny as “un homme fatal”.

Truman Capote found that “to watch him walk into a room was an experience. He was beyond being good-looking; he was the single most…

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